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An archive of the essays, message board posts, and opinions descussing the cannon-possibility of SS/LE.

From the S.S. Cliche'd message board on FAP:

I - Our first official thread

II - Harry, I'm your father

III - His snake ate her kitten!

IV - Lily and that awful boy

V - Asphodel & Wormwood

VI - Someone Tell James!

VII - The Couple that Must Not Be Named

From Fictionally Park:

Snape x Lily - before the S.S. Cliche'd officaly set sail, there was this short-lived thread on SCUSA

intentional, or accidental Snape in-joke? - the now infamous trade-mark theory of our ship, by the fabulous Thirteen Ravens.

It just dawned on me! SS/LE in book 7! - thread from the HPB and Beyond section by yours truly!

love triangle between james/lily/snape - thread from the MWPP Era section.

From Harry Potter for Grownups:

Snape FAQ: Was he in love with Lily? - HP4GU's take on Sev/Lily >

L.O.L.L.I.P.O.P.S. Theory - theory supported by the Sev/Lily shippers of HP4GU.


Snape/Lily: Rose Among the Briar - by fellow shipper, amberdiceless.

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