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here is some Sev/Lily fanart by yours truly!

Memorial Sorrow - "Memorial regrets follow you to the grave."

Bring Me to Life - "...only you are the life among the dead."

Splendor in the Grass - memories of happier times at Hogwarts for Severus and Lily.

Revolutionary Girl...Lily?! - inspired by OotP and Revolutionary Girl Utena, with Sev in drag! (how original...)

Witchy Wuv - yes, with a w! I was just sick of doing angsty fanart, so I did this one in all it's sickining fluffiness!

fanart by Shiver

Sev' n' Lil' - a rough sketch of Sev and Lily

Severus Protecting Lily - another rough sketch, with a softer style

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