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Bored with my site allready? Well, here's some of my favorite links!


S.S. Cliche'd Message Board - the official message board where all us shippers hang out and descuss our favorite couple! Join the staff today!

S.S. Cliched's Ship Shop - our ship's online kiosk, where you can buy t-shirts and even lunch boxes!

S.S. Thorn 'n Buck Message Board - out of the spirit of friendship and inter-ship unity, the Cliche'd staff has decided to extend the olive branch to our once arch-nemisis James/Lily ship and is now our Evil-Step-Sister Ship.

Unfinished - fellow shipper, Poggy's site! Check out her awsome fanart, and if you can read Italian you can even read her fanfic, "Hazy Day"!...I can't =(

A Verry Horrible Idea - fellow shipper, Kaitescarlet's site! Features our ship's alternate message board, where you can be slightly off-topic all you want!

The Snape 'n Lily Society - fellow shipper, Minnie McGonagal's site.

Ephemeral - My first affiliate! Features our ship's LJ Community and also lots of cool avatars!

Down - featured fanartist, Shiver's site.

Opposites Attract - second affiliate, akahpsuperfan's site.

Snape & Lily UNION! - Japanese Sev/Lily fansite. The text is mostly in Japanese, so from what I can tell there's fanart and fanfiction (written in Nihon only...=( ).

On My Own - another Japanese Sev/Lily fansite. Features mostly fanart.


J.K. Rowling's Official Website - Yes! The supreme ruler and creator of that which we adore now has her very own website! Search for "potion ingredients" hidden throughout her site to get excusive, never-before-seen doodles, first drafts and other cool stuff from Jo!

WB's Harry Potter Site - the offical site for the movies. That's about it.

Fiction Alley - anyone who's anyone in the HP-fandom posts their work here! Also the place to descuss the books, movies and more!

Mugglenet - the place to get all your HP news! Also check out the caption contest. Hillarious!

Alivan's - great place for wands, brooms, house ties (old school and new school!) and other cool HP accesories at affordable prices. Say "Alohamora" to open!

HPsearch - one of the largest arcihives of HP-related links on the net. Make sure to vote for me!

Fanfiction Related - contains thousands of fanfics inspired by just about every book, tv show, anime or movie you could ever think of! - ...for those of you who enjoy a bit (or a lot!) of lemon flavoring with your HP fanfics. 17+ only!

Fanart Related

The How-to-Draw-Manga Offical Site - the offical site for the How-to-Draw-Manga book series. These books are how I got good and I recomend them to any fanartist who wants to improve their technique. No only can you buy the books there, you can also buy the supplies that the professonals use!

Adobe's Offical Site - the offical site of the company that produces Photoshop; the weapon of choice for many fanartists. Check out the newest version to even further improve the look and quality of your pics!

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