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here's all the new stuff I've done to my site!

11/17/04 - created this site in my Dreamweaver class; it's actualy for my final. I've decided to go for more of a light-hearted, less angsty feeling; more like looking back on the better times in Lily & Sev's relationship. I hope you all like!

01/06/05 - finally put this site on my new server, so now you all can see it!

01/12/05 - updated "fun stuff" section. Enjoy the dancing Snape!

01/29/05 - added a new animated avatar to the just 4 u section, updated the ship message board link, (8th thread!) and added some new Japanese Sev/Lily fansites to the links page.

03/23/05 - ...sorry I haven't updatd for awhile....well in making up for my absence, I've added Mugglenet's CoS forum to the essays and what jo said sections of "canon or fanon" and started up the

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